Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Garnier Moisture Match Face Moisturisers

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to share with you the moisturisers which I am currently using. Now I have to admit that when it comes to moisturisers I hardly ever re-purchase the same one! I can never find one which I completely love, price wise and quality wise!

 I have oily/combination skin but occasionally have a few dry patches (due to this horrible cold weather in the UK!) so when I ran out of my No 7 Beautiful Skin Moisturiser I decided that I wanted to try something different and possibly two different ones to combat oily skin and dry areas on the face.

I decided to try the new range brought out by Garnier called 'Moisture Match' as they had 5 different moisturisers to suit different skin types. I had also seen these advertised on the TV and in magazines and thought that they sounded perfect for me! The packaging also did it for me! Ha ha. 

In Boots I noticed that the Garnier moisturisers were on 3 for 2 so I bought one for Combination to Oily skin (green), one for Dry to Very Dry skin (pink) and one for Normal skin which was an Illuminating light lotion (yellow) which I thought would be perfect for the summer months when I may not want to wear foundation.

And I can tell you that I LOVE these moisturisers! They are excellent quality and they all smell gorgeous! Its a kind of fruity smell but very subtle. 

I use the moisturiser for oily skin during the day to combat shine and at night I use the one for dry skin to re hydrate my skin. The moisturisers sink in to the skin quickly and are a great base for makeup.

As you may be able to make out from the picture above, the illuminating one is slightly runnier that the others and the pink one for dry skin is much thicker. The green one for oily skin is much lighter and mattifies the skin after application. 

The Illuminating moisturiser is also a great buy, I haven't used it as much as the other two as I'm saving it for summer (if it ever comes!) plus it is the only one containing SPF 20.

I will definitely be repurchasing these moisturisers! The other two available in this range are for Normal to Dry skin (blue) and a 'Wake me up' hydrating gel (orange). I may try these in the future seeing as though they only cost £3.99 at Boots.

Have you tried these moisturisers? Are you tempted? What moisturiser is your favorite?

Let me know please :)


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  1. I didn't even know Garnier made these! They look interesting. I have never had luck with their hair products, I wonder if their skincare items fare better