Saturday, 4 February 2012

Individual lashes

Hey Everyone,

So I decided to have a clear out of all my old college work and I found some individual false lashes in my old college beauty kit. Now I'm a huge fan of false lashes and always wear them on a night out! But individual lashes are a whole new ball game!!

I have no problem applying my own strip false lashes but individual ones are slightly trickier! There were 3 different sizes of lashes, Long, Medium and Small. I decided to use 3 lashes, 2 medium on the outer corner of my eye followed by a small one.

I used tweezers to dip the lash bulb in the glue before waitng for the glue to go tacky and then I applied. It took several attempts to get the lash in place! With lots of practice I finally managed to apply 3 lashes to each eye!

And the outcome was pretty good. They looked natural and felt really lightweight, I almost forgot they were there!

I think individual lashes are ideal for the daytime as they look great and really open the eye, however if you don't have much time in the morning then there not so ideal for you! But hey practice makes perfect right?

Have you tried individual false lashes? How did you get on?



  1. These look great on you. I struggle enough with strip lashes so these would be a complete 'mare for me! x

  2. I really want to try this! It looks so nice on you! x