Thursday, 16 February 2012

Bright Jeans!

Hey Everyone,

I need some advice please! I'm a redhead and I normally play it really safe when it comes to fashion! I tend stick to black and white clothes! But colourful jeans are really in at the moment and I really want to inject some colour into my wardrobe! Which of these 4 pairs of jeans would you go for?

MOTO Supersoft Skinny Leigh JeansLavender Jeans- Topshop £38

Red Jeans- Republic £18
Dark Green Jeans- Topshop £38
Blue Jeans-Republic £18

Thoughts please?



  1. I love those lavender ones, so cute and such a fun statement!

  2. I think, the green jeans would suit you best... I would pair it with a coral, orange or coral red, or also bright pink top would look great. But I also like the red jeans, I think they would suit your skin tone quite well... they would go well with a black, navy are cream top!Or if you really want to stand out, you can pair them with orange or pink top... I also got the other day a colored jeans, I got them in beige and navy, and I am quite happy with the color! hope this helps!
    x Marina

  3. Thank you both :) I've got the red ones and blue ones at the moment but hoping to get the others too! xxx

  4. I LOVE the jeans I have some bright blue and red ones too xx