Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My Top 10 beauty essentials!

Hey everyone so I thought I'd share with you a few of my beauty essentials and see what you think :)

1) Sudocrem!

Sudocrem is amazing! If you haven't heard of it then you won't know that it's an antiseptic healing cream which can be used all over the body to treat spots, rashes, itching etc. I use it when I have a huuge spot which needs to go asap! Rub a little sudocrem on it before you go to bed and it'll help speed up the healing process so your skin will be back to normal in no time at all! And another great thing about sudocrem is that its purse friendly! So perfect skin can be yours even if your on a budget!

2) Vaseline

Vaseline is an essential beauty item! Ideal for protecting dry, cracked lips and restoring them back to their natural glory! It can also be used on areas of dry skin on the body such as the elbows and knees. Vaseline is also available in several different varieties such as, Cocoa butter, Aloe Vera, Rosy lips, with SPF and the original. Again Vaseline is a bargain at less than £2.

3) Deodorant and Perfume

An absolute essential! Not necessarily a 'beauty' essential but still very important, need i say more! My fave deodorants are by Dove, they keep my smelling fresh all day! Follow it with a spritz of your favourite perfume all over the body.

4) Nail Polish

Nail polish is an instant feel better product. It can brighten your whole outfit and compliment your skin tone. There are so many different colours to choose from at such great prices. I love Barry M polishes if you're on a budget but if you really want to splash out then I'd recommend Jessica polishes. Clear polish is the most essential of them all as even wearing clear can instantly improve the look of your nails and improve their condition. Clear can be used as a base coat before colour, as a top coat over colour for extra shine or on it's own to give the nails a real mirror shine!

5) Dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is an essential for every girl and guy! For those in between washes days to remove excess oil and lift the roots to give hair more body. Possibly one of the best inventions ever made! Dry shampoo is great value for money and also gives the hair a lovely scent! Highly recommended!

6) Moisturiser

An essential for hydrating the skin and protecting it from the sun. There are so many different moisturisers for different skin types so always shop around to find the best one for you! At the moment I love The Body Shops Vitamin E moisture lotion with SPF 15 I use it morning and night. Always mositurise your skin, it gets thirsty too!

7) Cleansing wipes

Ok so not the best product for removing make up as they can upset the PH balance of the skin so cleanser followed by toner is the best method to remove make up BUT after a night out cleansing wipes become an essential, believe me! Always remove your make up and if your short for time use cleansing wipes followed by moisturiser. Its handy to carry them in your bag as they always come in helpful as wet wipes!

8) Fake Tan

Fake tan instantly makes me feel better! Don't go too extreme, a healthy glow is best! I love St. Tropez as it lasts for days and smells lovely too. I mix it with moisturiser so I don't go too dark and look un-natural! St. Tropez can be expensive but it really is the best on the market. Also remember to always apply with a mitt...

9) Concealer

A must have for those who have had late nights and early mornings! Always choose a shade lighter than your foundation to cover dark circles and always pat on using your ring finger as the skin around the eye is very delicate.

10) Last one! Now I need some help here as I can't choose between bronzer or mascara! Bronzer instantly gives a healthy glow and improves your look by miles but so does mascara! Mascara improves the length and thickness of the eyelashes making you look more awake and your eyes more desirable! So which one would you choose? Ok I have to choose.... both!!!

So what are your beauty essentials? What would you add to the list? Please Let me know what products you can't live without!

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  1. Good to see you back blogging hun:) I agree with all of your essentials, especially the sudocream one- I have a dollop of it on my chin right now! x