Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Accessorize Make Up

Hi everyone sorry it's been a while since my last post but i'm back with a new post about Accessorize make up!

So I only realised a few months ago that Accessorize did make up! and not only is it just make up but it's good quality, affordable make up! I purchased two items one being an eye shadow and the other a nail polish. I loved them so much I thought i'd share them with you!

Illusion Mrged Eeshadow in Molten Copper

This eye shadow is a mix of three golden colours and they are highly pigmented. This eye shadow can be applied straight to the eye or for a more intense and dramatic colour it can be applied wet.

The eye shadow costs £4.50 and is available from Accessorize stores and in Superdrug. The eyeshadow comes in clear plastic packaging and with the Accessorize logo on the front in gold writing. I like the packaging as you can clearly see the eyeshadow, however it would be even nicer if it came in a box like the nail polish below.

The eyeshadow creates a lovely natural look but can be made more intense. I think this tone is suitable for all eye colours. To make the eyeshadow last all day a primer is recommended. Do you like this eye shadow? I think it is a bargain at £4.50 for 3g and I look forward to buying more in the future.

Illusion Nail Polish in Molten Copper

So I was really feeling the gold/bronze theme when I purchased the eyeshadow so I chose a nail polish to match. This nail polish is one of my all time favourites!

It comes in beautiful packaging. I think it always looks so much nicer when make up comes in a box!

So this is what the nail polish looks like with two coats. It is advisable to apply two coats for a better effect and to pro-long the life of the polish a 3rd coat of clear nail polish will help the polish stay on for longer. This nail polish is perfect for partys/special occasions or even everyday use. What do you think of glittery nail polishes?

It costs £4 for 10ml and the polish can last for several days however it is prone to chipping.

There are lots more beautiful shades of Accessorize nail polishes to choose from and these two are on my wish list!

Exotic Brights Nail Polish Coral Flair Exotic Brights Nail Polish Indigo

Exotic brights nail polsih in coral flair and in Indigo.

All of the Accessorize make up comes in lovely packaging and i'm hoping to try out the mascara and lip gloss soon. Have you tried any of the make up from the range? Let me know xxx


  1. I love the eyeshadow...Looks so pretty!

  2. What a gorgeous shadow, and I looove those nail polish colours! x