Friday, 4 March 2011

Weekend Outfit!

Hey Everyone,

So it's my friends 21st birthday tomorrow and we're hitting the town! I popped into town to get a birthday card and present yesterday and I got distracted by all the lovely dresses in the Warehouse window! I never normally go in there because the clothes are quite expensive even though they are all beautiful!

However I had to have a quick peep! I found this lovely black one shoulderd dress and just had to try it on, and it fitted perfectly so I just had to have it! It was priced at £70 but with student discount it came to £62...

I think i'm going to pair it with some black shoes...... What do you think of this dress? What colour should I paint my nails? Something bright? Help me please!


  1. The dress is lovely! Im thinking a turquoise or some kind of coral colour to go with it (like essie's turquoise and caicos nail polish)

  2. Yeah turquoise would be a bit different wouldn't it, going to see what I can find in town :) thanks for the suggestions xx

  3. Corals and reds always look lovely with a black dress. Always keep your accessories matching. Natasha, from