Monday, 7 February 2011

My favourite moisturiser

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to share my favourite moisturiser of all time with you! Now it may not be a high end product or one thats widely used in my age group but I find it's the best one Ive come across in terms of hydration, quality and price. And the winner is:


Yes this is my all time go to moisturiser, I use it for my face and body and it is ideal for everday use as it's designed for babys its kind to skin and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling great as the scent is very light. My skin is kept nourished with no dry patches.

And also it's a bargain at £2.85 for 500ml at Boots.

A bottle of this size lasts me for months!

Have you tried using Johnsons baby lotion as a moisturiser before? What do you think about it? Would you consider using it? Let me know your thoughts...



  1. That is too funny, I would have never thought to try Johnsons baby lotion! does it leave your skin oily at all?

  2. Hiya thanks for your comment, no it doesn't leave my skin oily at all. If i put it on before my foundatin it gives a nice dewy effect making my skin look healthy :) try it and see what you rthink xx

  3. great idea

  4. I haven't used the moisturiser BUT the Baby Oil Gel is amazing for smooth, silky, sheeny legs in summer :-)
    Kate (