Sunday, 13 February 2011

I love Nude!

Hey everyone,

So I was looking for the perfect colour to paint my nails this weekend other than the standard red! And I came across a Nude polish which I found in my sisters room! I hadn't tried this colour before so I thought i'd give it a go and see what it looked like and I love it!

This colour goes with all my clothes and looks really nice with my new bracelet and a tan (mines fake of course!) The nail polish I used is by the clothing company and is only available online.... I think.... My sister got this nail polish free with a magazine but it retails for £5.

I used a base coat first and its so shiny I didn't even need to use a top coat. Also it's lasted 3 days without chipping! 

'MissCellaneous Nude Nail Splash' in 'Nude Delight'

Have you tried nude nails? Whats your favouite nail brand?

 Also would you buy polish online without seeing the colour in person?



  1. thanks!
    oh wow what a gorgeous colour!

  2. Love it!!!

    Now i'm ur follower....

    Check mine out if you get a chance :)


  3. I love nude nails.
    It's really hard to find that right shade though, so it would be hard for me to buy one online unless I'd seen a swatch.