Sunday, 27 February 2011

Perfect Primers

So for those of you who have oily or combination skin you should already know that a primer is a necessity for keeping skin under control and making your foundation stay for longer. You don't have to have oily skin to use a primer, primers work on all skin types to give a flawless finish after applying foundation over the top.

I'd heard a a lot about a new skin primer from Boots 17 range called 'Photo Flawless skin primer' and at £4.99 for 15ml I just had to try it! The reviews i'd read about it were all positive saying how much of a bargain it was and that it gave great results.... however I have to disagree!

The primer comes in black packaging with gold writing which gives it a nice look, it says on the back that it should be worn alone or under foundation. Ive been using this product for a few days now and my skin has been very shiny due to having an oily skin type. I thought that the primer would control this skin- I was wrong! It hasn't made my foundation last longer at all, my foundation seems to be sliding off my skin! Not good at all! But then again what did I expect for £4.99! This product does not work for oily or combination skin however it would be ideal for those with normal or mature skin.

For an oily skin like mine the best primer ive come across is from The Body Shop. This primer is slightly more expensive at £11.00 for 25ml but it really does the job! It keeps my shine under control and keeps my foundation in place all day! I'd be lost without it! I also think this primer is suitable for all skin types and it helps to minimise large pores.

Have you tried these skin primers? What do you think about them?


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Metal Mania!

Hi There,

So I'd heard a lot about Coastal Scents make up palette's from some YouTube beauty videos that I recently watched and I really wanted to try it for myself. As Coastal Scents isn't available on the high street I searched online and found that they sell all the different palettes on Amazon.

I chose to order the 88 Metal Mania palette as I could see they were the sort of eye makeup colours that I wear regularly and would get the most use out of. This palette cost £29.49 and arrived around a week or so later and I must say I'm very impressed with this palette!

All the clolours are very pigmented and the quality is excellent. The colours are very wearable and last all evening. What I also really like is that all the eye shadows are in one place and I don't need to buy any more eye shadow for months because I have plenty!

 The palette comes with two doubled ended applicators which aren't of great quality so it's better to use your own eye shadow brushes.

This is just a quick swatch of some of the colours included in the 88 Metal Mania palette. The camera doesn't really do the colours justice! But the palette includes all the colours you could possibly need such as: creams, golds, bronzes, silvers, purples, greens, pinks, oranges, browns, and blacks. There is however no blue.

Have you tried Coastal Scents? What do you think of this palette?


Sunday, 13 February 2011

I love Nude!

Hey everyone,

So I was looking for the perfect colour to paint my nails this weekend other than the standard red! And I came across a Nude polish which I found in my sisters room! I hadn't tried this colour before so I thought i'd give it a go and see what it looked like and I love it!

This colour goes with all my clothes and looks really nice with my new bracelet and a tan (mines fake of course!) The nail polish I used is by the clothing company and is only available online.... I think.... My sister got this nail polish free with a magazine but it retails for £5.

I used a base coat first and its so shiny I didn't even need to use a top coat. Also it's lasted 3 days without chipping! 

'MissCellaneous Nude Nail Splash' in 'Nude Delight'

Have you tried nude nails? Whats your favouite nail brand?

 Also would you buy polish online without seeing the colour in person?


New Bling!

This isn't really beauty related but just wanted to show you my new bracelet from Kimberley Walsh's range at Argos! I don't really get my jewellary from Argos but went with my best friend yesterday so she could get a new ring and I fell in love with this bracelet!


It's meant to look like a leaf and it's gold in colour! And was £24.99, what do you think of it? (sorry the pictures not that great!) I also tweeted this because i'm so happy with it!!

Hope you've all had a good weekend :) xxxx

Monday, 7 February 2011

My favourite moisturiser

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to share my favourite moisturiser of all time with you! Now it may not be a high end product or one thats widely used in my age group but I find it's the best one Ive come across in terms of hydration, quality and price. And the winner is:


Yes this is my all time go to moisturiser, I use it for my face and body and it is ideal for everday use as it's designed for babys its kind to skin and doesn't contain any harsh chemicals. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling great as the scent is very light. My skin is kept nourished with no dry patches.

And also it's a bargain at £2.85 for 500ml at Boots.

A bottle of this size lasts me for months!

Have you tried using Johnsons baby lotion as a moisturiser before? What do you think about it? Would you consider using it? Let me know your thoughts...