Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Professionally Pampered Toes

Hi ladies :)

So recently I went for a pedicure at a spa near to where I live as part of a pamper day treat for my friends 21st birthday. Before having the pedicure I had never had one done professionally, only at college when practising the treatment ready for clients. Therefore knowing the basics of a pedicure I went to the spa with very high expectations!

The treatment should have been started with a consultation however the therapist was running late and forgot to ask me to fill in a consultation form! luckily I have no medical conditions! If your going for a pedicure and you do have a medical condition or are uncertain as to something which may affect the treatment you should always check with the therapist first- however it is their job is to find out in the first place!

I went with existing polish on my toes, this isn't a problem however if it is hard to remove it can take time off the treatment meaning less time for the massage, so it is advisable to remove it beforehand.

The therapist started off by filing my foot and placing the other in the foot spa, the foot spa should have been bubbling around my feet however she had dropped the plug in the water prior to the pedicure and therefore could not plug it in!

Once my feet were filed she used a foot scrub to exfoliate my feet and legs which was lovely and it smelt delicious too! After this she dried my feet and filed my toe nails and worked on the cuticles, then applied mosituriser to the feet and legs.

Then she put my feet in what can only be described as a plastic bag! before placing them in some warm mitts. This was the best bit of the treatment :) and at this point she left the room to get me a drink and a magazine!

After 15 minutes the therapist took my feet out of the mitts and began the massage. I was really looking forward to this part as I loved it at college however, the therapist massaged with gloves on and we don't. I guess its personal prefernce (my feet were not THAT bad honest!) but I just did not enjoy it as much.

Once the massage was over it was time to start the painting. I chose an orangey red colour (called Daring) by Jessica. There were so many colours to choose from I actually wanted them all! I haven't used this brand of polish before but have heard of it and i must say it's lasted so well! Ive had my pedicure for 3 weeks now and although my big toes have slightly chipped at the top, it still looks pretty good.

The luxury pedicure treatment I had cost £32.

I did like the pedicure treatment however I do prefer to do it myself! So what I want to know is have you had a pedicure before? Do you think it's worth the money?

I'd love to hear your thoughts :)


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