Sunday, 23 January 2011

Polish of the week

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post to say how much i'm loving Barry M nail polish in Raspberry! I think this is my favourite polish of all time, I come back to this one everytime I decide to paint my nails! What do you think of it?

Whats your favourite nail polish?


Thursday, 20 January 2011

Pretty Perfumes

Being a girl I have loads and loads of perfumes all of which I can remember buying or being given. Not only do i collect perfumes but i also keep the bottles too!

This christmas i got two perfume sets from family, my all time favourite perfume, Vera Wang Princess and one I hadn't tried before which is DKNY Pure.

Vera Wang Princess

I first discovered this perfume when a sample was given out in a magazine and I instantly fell in love with it. I brought it when I went on a College trip to Iceland (the country not the supermarket!) about 3 years ago now. When i wear this perfume it just reminds me of all the good times I had on that trip and other happy times Ive had whilst wearing this perfume. Since then Ive gone through 4 bottles of it!

For christmas I was given the Vera Wang Princess box set which included the perfume 30ml, a satin body lotion 75ml and a lipgloss keychain.
Now the box set does look like it's aimed at teenagers with it's purple, pink and gold colouring but the smell is quite grown up. The perfume shop describes it as having a mixture of water lily, apple, mandarin meringue, and golden apricot skin, dark chocolate, amber, musk, and vanilla.
I agree that it smells of vanilla and musk but I don't understand where they got dark chocolate from! I like to put 2-3 spritz's of this perfume on depending on where i'm going and because I love the scent so much!

The satin lotion smells nice and strong just like the perfume which is a pleasant suprise as sometimes the smell is only very faint. The lotion leaves a nice glow on the skin and the scent lasts for hours. I did take a picture but unfortuantly the glow it gives the skin does not show up in photos.

The lipgloss keychain is also a really nice gift and the glosses are wearable, ive worn the darker one out and it lasted all evening I would say it is more of a lipstain than lipgloss.

Overall this is a lovely giftset and it is still my favourite perfume which I can see myself buying for years to come regardless of the packaging!

The giftset retails at around £35 depending on where you purchase it.


This perfume was a gift from family which I did not know I was getting. I like recieving perfumes from people as it is interesting to see what they choose for you and why!

I really like the scent of this perfume (50ml)  it reminds me of a holiday perfume as it's very light and summery. DKNY describe it as: 'More than a scent, a drop of vanilla sourced from Africa, a drop of goodwill'.
It does smell of vanilla and I can imagine someone very ladylike wearing this scent. The scent lasts all day and one spritz is normally enough.

The gift set also came with a 100ml body butter which is nice and creamy, ideal for putting on after a bath. The scent is strong when applied but does disappear quite quickly unlike the actual perfume.

The DKNY perfume set comes in beautiful packaging, suitable for a sophisticated lady! I no longer have the packaging for this perfume so this picture is from Debenhams.

The gift set ranges in price from £35-44 depending on the time of year.

Have you tried either of these perfumes? What is your favourite? I'd like your recommendations as i'm always up for trying out new ones!


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Super food


At the moment i am loving pink grapefruit, for breakfast or as just a snack. Grapefruits are:

  • An excellent source of vitamin C
  • Antioxidant
  • Good for our bodys cell growth
  • One of our 5 a day
  • and are apparently good for anti aging!
Do you like grapefruit? I think it's one of those things you either love or hate...!


Mitt Madness

Hello beauties :)

So recently ive discovered one of my new favourite beauty essentials ever! Exfoliating mitts! I know i'm behind the times here! how have i not come across them before?!

They leave my skin super soft and you can be as gentle as you like with them depending on your skin type. I'm sensitive so I find that some exfoliating products can be abit harsh on my skin.

They only cost a couple of pounds and if looked after well enough they can last months. Therefore there is no need to purchase expensive exfoliaiting products (just think of the money saved!)

Do you use exfoliating mitts? If so do you love them as much as me?


Professionally Pampered Toes

Hi ladies :)

So recently I went for a pedicure at a spa near to where I live as part of a pamper day treat for my friends 21st birthday. Before having the pedicure I had never had one done professionally, only at college when practising the treatment ready for clients. Therefore knowing the basics of a pedicure I went to the spa with very high expectations!

The treatment should have been started with a consultation however the therapist was running late and forgot to ask me to fill in a consultation form! luckily I have no medical conditions! If your going for a pedicure and you do have a medical condition or are uncertain as to something which may affect the treatment you should always check with the therapist first- however it is their job is to find out in the first place!

I went with existing polish on my toes, this isn't a problem however if it is hard to remove it can take time off the treatment meaning less time for the massage, so it is advisable to remove it beforehand.

The therapist started off by filing my foot and placing the other in the foot spa, the foot spa should have been bubbling around my feet however she had dropped the plug in the water prior to the pedicure and therefore could not plug it in!

Once my feet were filed she used a foot scrub to exfoliate my feet and legs which was lovely and it smelt delicious too! After this she dried my feet and filed my toe nails and worked on the cuticles, then applied mosituriser to the feet and legs.

Then she put my feet in what can only be described as a plastic bag! before placing them in some warm mitts. This was the best bit of the treatment :) and at this point she left the room to get me a drink and a magazine!

After 15 minutes the therapist took my feet out of the mitts and began the massage. I was really looking forward to this part as I loved it at college however, the therapist massaged with gloves on and we don't. I guess its personal prefernce (my feet were not THAT bad honest!) but I just did not enjoy it as much.

Once the massage was over it was time to start the painting. I chose an orangey red colour (called Daring) by Jessica. There were so many colours to choose from I actually wanted them all! I haven't used this brand of polish before but have heard of it and i must say it's lasted so well! Ive had my pedicure for 3 weeks now and although my big toes have slightly chipped at the top, it still looks pretty good.

The luxury pedicure treatment I had cost £32.

I did like the pedicure treatment however I do prefer to do it myself! So what I want to know is have you had a pedicure before? Do you think it's worth the money?

I'd love to hear your thoughts :)


Hey There

Welcome to my blog :)

I'd like my blog to be somewhere to discuss all things beauty related and be of interest to you and others. Please get involved with my future posts if you'd like to and show me how this blogging thing works! I'm training to be a beauty therapist and I believe this blog should be of some help to both you and I.

Thankyou for stopping by, I will now be making a move on my first proper post! any ideas just let me know please :) thankyou! xoxo